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                                                为深圳,广州,福建,浙江,北京,上海等地区提供外贸B2B、外贸B2C网站二次开发定制服务;咨询致电:0755-28107785 !

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                                                案例简介:Start your Chinese Products Discovery Tour with Uoften, your most reliable global supplier!

                                                Wholesale Electronics Direct From China

                                                Uoften Corporation Limited is a Chinese based general trading and wholesale company located in the city of Shenzhen, the global manufacturing and sourcing center of electronic products. We are a leading wholesale exporter of consumer electronics, IT equipment, and accessories direct from China. We provide a channel for small to medium companies to buy quality products at factory-direct prices.

                                                Superior Product Quality

                                                We supply superior quality products. All of our products are brand new and produced by large hi-tech Chinese factories, some of which are also manufacturers for prestigious international brands. All products strictly follow the standards of CE, FCC and RoHS, and are carefully inspected by a responsible QA team before packaging.

                                                Easy To Order Online

                                                We take advantage of our cutting-edge B2B E-commerce platform to conduct Customer Relationship Management (CRM). We provide timely product information, real-time price quotes, online order creating, 24-hour order tracking, online payment, one-stop logistics service (including logistics agent service, shipment tracking, shipping route optimization, etc), and online after-sale support.

                                                Convenient Payment

                                                We offer flexible payment options, including wired transfer (T/T), PayPal, Western Union. We accept many international currencies such as American Dollar, Australian Dollar, British Pound Sterling, Euro, and Canadian Dollar.

                                                Fast Delivery

                                                We ship worldwide with a wide range of shipping options, including Express Couriers (DHL, UPS and TNT), Air Freight, EMS, and Postal Parcel. The shipping transit usually takes 6-15 days. Customers may also use their own couriers.

                                                Warranty And After-Sale Service

                                                All the products cover a 12-month warranty. We have a responsible customer service team to provide helpful after-sale services. Be relieved to buy from us.

                                                Wherever you are, Uoften is your best distributor of Chinese wholesale products!



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