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                                                客户网址: http://www.trait-tech.com

                                                案例简介:Trait Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited, found in 2006, is the leading wholesaler, exporter and dropshipper of all type of accessories for consumer electronics directly from factories. We believe that the internet further breaks the geographical barrier and pull the factories and the small businesses closer. By combining e-commerce technologies and traditional large volume import/export business model, Trait-Tech's online platform enables small businesses, wholesales worldwide to import accessories for consumer electronic directly from our cooperated factories at real factory prices without the complex import/export procedures and risks.

                                                Trait Technology (Shenzhen) Co., Limited provides all type of accessories for Mobilephone (Apple, Blackberry, Nokia, Samsung, HTC, etc.), Computer and Game Consoles(Nintendo, Sony, Micro Soft) as well as the lastest digital products including mini laptop, car peripherals, MP3, MP4, Digital photo frame, etc. Our head office is located in Shenzhen, China and Factory located at Baoan District Shenzhen. The majority of our products are shipped from our warehouse in Shenzhen.

                                                Our mission is to provide the latest and new accessories for brand name & innovative products to our customers with the absolute highest level of professional service. We offer a wide selection of products in wide range of electronical accessories and more at incredibly low prices. Our dedicated focus on high-quality products combined with an obsessive commitment to customer service allows us to offer a broad selection of merchandise at the best possible value and convenience to you, our customer. Your confidence and satisfaction is our primary priority.

                                                Trait: Trust, Respect, Accountability, Integrity and Team player.

                                                International Experience
                                                With years' experience of OEM and OED Service,our sales team is well trained,knowledgable,easy to communicate and high responsible.

                                                Innovation Investment
                                                We keep seeking the Newest,Hot sale and innovative products available at the soonest,ensure all clients get the maximum margins

                                                All the items are 100% tested at warehouse before delivery,defective rate at 0.1%-0.5%.

                                                Fast Delivery Worldwide
                                                Shipping directly from China to destinations (Europe, US, Australia, etc.) mostly takes only 4-to-6 days by air freight. Goods in stock at the same day shipping.

                                                Shipping by Air Freight is by courier such as UPS, DHL, EMS, FedEx,by air mail(Door to Door serivce)

                                                Shipping by Sea works with shipping agent(importer pick up products at destination port)

                                                Related paperwork and customs clearance are handled over to the courier companies, greatly simplifying the process for importers.

                                                We accept payment via T/T(Bank transfer), Western Union, Paypal. Escrow(Credit Card) available Only for Aliexpress Online Store.

                                                All the products come with a 12 month warranty. Full after-sales service to all our valued clients.



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