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                                                客户网址: http://www.micwell.com
                                                案例简介:Micwell is one of world's leading online retailers, operating throughout the United States and Europe. We have the largest apparel and sports equipment sites on the Internet. Across our integrated enterprise, Micwell offers a wide array of national, private and exclusive brands which reflect the Company's commitment to providing customers with style and quality at smart prices.

                                                At Micwell, we believe our customers are more than just a transaction. We focus on the way we can win together: inspire our customers and grow our business. This also reflects our mission: to gain each customer's satisfaction.




                                                Why buy from micwell

                                                1 Cent Cheaper than Others
                                                Best quality, Best price! If you find the same product with lower price from other e-tailers, we will refund the price difference.
                                                If you find a price lower than ours on the qualified online retailer listed below in the same period, we will refund the price difference to you on basis of the price which will be always 1 cent cheaper than competitors. Please kindly note that the prices need to be compared by quality, function and apparance.
                                                Qualified online retailers you can compare prices:Buy.com,Amazon.com,Bestbuy.com,Brides.com,Davidsbridal.com,Made.com

                                                100% Direct Supplier
                                                As one of the best direct suppliers in China, we only provide the best consumer goods and ensure the highest quality possible!
                                                We have investment in more than 70 manufacturers in China and cut out the middleman, which make us to be a direct supplier.Most of the factories we cooperate have more than 10 years' experience of manufacturing for famous companies in the world, such as Davidbridal, Brides,Electrolux, Kohler, Delta and Dior. We focus on qulaity control, and we ensure our product quality to reach the same standard as these famous brands.

                                                100% Payment Security
                                                We are confident in saying that your shopping will be always safe and reliable due to our advanced Secure Networks Technology!
                                                We accept Paypal, which is most reliable currently. And we also accept Bank Transfer and Western Union Transfer.

                                                24/7 Hours Service
                                                We promise that your orders and questions will be handled in 24 hours.
                                                We will always pay our 100% attention to any order and any quesiton since we consider any client as our friend. We send you our sincere thanks for your support.

                                                100% Quality Control
                                                We have professional QC team to make sure each product reach our standard.

                                                Contact us
                                                If you have any question or comment, please feel free to put in in writing and send us by email.
                                                Email:[email protected]



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